Google rolls out ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS users | The Express Tribune


The ‘Switch to Android’ app for iOS users is finally available for a smooth transfer of data from iPhone to Android 12 phones.

The free app allows the users to transfer the app data, contacts and calendar events from their iPhones to android phones as is. The app was previously launched for Pixel devices only. However, it is now available for all.

According to The Verge, the new app initiates the transfer by showing a QR code on the iPhone. Upon scanning the code, the data transfer process starts. The data can be shifted wirelessly, however, the users can also transfer the data by connecting their iPhone to the android phone through cable. It is faster than the wireless option.

The availability of the app has made it easier for the users to quickly switch from iPhone to android without worrying about the data transfer. For the android users switching to iPhone, Apple has its own app called Move to iOS which has been available since 2015.





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