Healing from miscarriage: What women need to know about pregnancy loss, medical leave and emotional recovery


In Singapore, companies are not required by law to cater for miscarriage. As such, most women who experience loss are given days off, based on their allotted medical/sick leave. If they had medical procedures which required them to stay in the hospital, those entitlements may be used for her to recover.

The Ministry of Manpower provides full maternity leave for stillbirths or babies who die shortly after birth as long as these mothers meet the eligible criteria under the Government’s Paid Maternity Leave scheme. They receive 16 weeks of paid maternity leave.

A number of companies I spoke to did not cater for miscarriage leave, although a handful do.

One Singapore tech start-up offers unlimited leave from its employees’ entitlement. The company, iSabel, is a workplace well-being app, and counts Amazon Web Services and Kyndryl in its pool of clients.

Said its CEO and co-founder, Meilin Wong: “As a women-led tech company that’s focused on addressing workplace well-being, iSabel lives out its values of diversity and inclusivity. When it comes to supporting our people, regardless of gender, we want to meet their needs as and when. One way we do so is by offering our team unlimited leave. 

“In the case of an unfortunate medical trauma like a miscarriage, whether it’s a female employee herself, or a male employee coping with the loss, they should be able to take time off to recover, without worrying how many days they need from what type of leave. It shouldn’t matter whether my team takes days from their medical or hospitalisation or personal days.”


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