Microsoft working on affordable Xbox streaming device | The Express Tribune


Microsoft is working to bring the Xbox streaming experience to compete with Apple TV. Codenamed “Keystone”, the company confirmed the new gadget which will focus on streaming rather than the gaming experience.

Microsoft spokesperson revealed that the company’s gaming division is working to make the Xbox experience more accessible using “low-cost hardware.”

The spokesperson elaborated that Keystone can be connected to a TV or monitor, allowing users to play games over streaming without a console.

According to Windows Central, the launch date and availability of the streaming console in the market haven’t been released yet.

Xbox Cloud Gaming already allows players to partake in any game with a reliable internet connection on any device. The games are run on servers and streamed online, thus not requiring powerful hardware. The Cloud Gaming offers a variety of console games including Battlefield and The Sims.

9to5Mac assumes the price of the streaming device will be $199 or lesser, placing it in direct competition with Apple TV. Apple’s set-top box is expensive for a streaming device and lacks console-level games to replace an Xbox or PlayStation.


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