Nanyang Business School’s postgraduate programmes give you the innovative mindset and interdisciplinary knowledge needed to embrace change in a fast-moving business environment.


Similarly, other NBS programmes also draw on these strengths of the university. Learning to integrate tech into business processes gives participants a broader view of how business operations are impacted by emerging technologies such as AI and data analytics.

MSc Accountancy graduate Debashish Maity, manager at SS&C Technologies, highlighted how analytics and automation were just emerging trends in the finance industry pre-2020. “Now, the pandemic has catalysed the need to ride on those trends and companies are compelled to take bolder, faster, and more concrete steps to adopt new technologies.”

Lily Tran, who holds an MSc in Business Analytics from NBS, said that her programme’s marketing and customer analytics module taught her to wear both business and technology hats. “Our professor taught us to spot potential AI areas while sharpening our business strategy. We learnt how to optimise a process and to generate a new business model alongside tech considerations,” the project manager at Techcombank added.



To address urgent global issues in business, society, and environment, an effective leader needs to be able to form new perspectives that create value and forge new paths. NBS nurtures in its students an interdisciplinary perspective when approaching practical challenges and in designing sustainable solutions.


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