Pakistan’s Embassy in Türkiye holds mango festival | The Express Tribune



The Pakistani Embassy in Türkiye’s capital Ankara organized a mango festival Monday which was attended by a large number of Turkish officials, members of the diplomatic corps and the Pakistani community.

The festival was part of a series of activities and events commemorating the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence — Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Türkiye, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, welcomed the guests and said the mango, often known as the “King of Fruits,” is an integral part of Pakistan’s history and rich culture as it has been cultivated in the region since ancient times.

He said Pakistan is the world’s sixth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of mangoes.

Mangoes of great quality are available in over 200 varieties, including the Sindhri, Anwar Ratol, Langra, Malda, Dusehri and Fajri types.

Pakistani mangoes are the best in the world due to their distinct hues, amazing fragrances, and distinct tastes.

At the festival, guests were served freshly cut Chaunsa, the most popular mango variety, as well as a wide range of mango delicacies such as ice cream, milkshakes, lassis (yoghurt shakes), salads, pickled mangoes and desserts made with freshly arrived mangoes from Pakistan.

The sweetness of the mango was balanced by savory dishes such as Biryani cooked from high-quality Pakistani Basmati rice and select Pakistani cuisine.


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