Talking Europe – Ringing the changes: Are citizens’ proposals for the EU’s future being heard?


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At the most recent EU leaders’ summit last week, much of the talk was focused on the future of the European Union, particularly its potential enlargement. Varying degrees of assurances on possible membership were given to Ukraine, Moldova and to a different degree, the Western Balkans states. EU leaders gave less attention to the future of the bloc as sketched out by citizens during a year-long process called the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Back in May, the Conference produced 49 concrete proposals on EU reform and more than 300 ways to achieve them. They range from pan-EU health standards to changing how EU migration works.

A majority of Members of the European Parliament have backed the proposals, but the governments of the EU’s 27 member states are showing less enthusiasm.

To discuss whether the “Future of Europe” proposals actually have a future, we’re joined by two MEPs, who both participated in the Conference in different capacities.


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