The Debate – NATO summit: Can a revitalised alliance deter Putin’s Russia?


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Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is breathing new life into NATO, which has not only committed to turbocharging its eastern flank but is now more than doubling its borders with Russia, as Finland and Sweden join an alliance that has rediscovered its purpose.

Deals are done and alliances shift on the fly. How does that illustrate how the world has changed since February 24, in a test of wills that has major players scrambling for support? The whole world is wondering how war in Europe is not only reshaping alliances but also disrupting energy and food supplies. We are four months in, with no end in sight. How far will it go?

Produced by Charles Wente, Elise Marné and Guillaume Gougeon.

The Debate will be on hiatus over the European summer, returning on September 5.

Read more analysis on the war in Ukraine © Studio graphique France Médias Monde


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