Twitch is testing a new way to discover channels | The Express Tribune


To give a better experience to its users, Twitch is currently experimenting with a new way to discover channels called ‘Channel Switcher’.

The Channel Switcher lets you flip through different streams to find the best one to watch. The feature allows you to do so without any ads in between, hence making it a smooth experience.

Twitch announced the launch of the experiment in a tweet.

According to The Verge, the current interface of Twitch is difficult in terms of finding a new stream for better options. It is best if you know what you want to watch. Otherwise, the user can choose any option from recommendations or by navigating the sidebar of the people they follow.

The new feature will create a lot of ease for the users as it will give a 60-second preview of different streams before you move to another channel.

According to the spokesperson of Twitch, the new feature is available to limited random users. The experiment will end in July for the company to analyse the results. More updates on the finalisation of the feature will be provided soon.



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