White House’s Jha: Social media platform owners should consider role in COVID-19 misinformation


WASHINGTON: Owners of social media platforms should consider their personal responsibility regarding health disinformation, and the public should choose reputable sources to trust, White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha said on Tuesday (Nov 22).

“You can decide to trust America’s physicians, or you can trust some random dude on Twitter. Those are your choices,” Jha said at a White House press briefing.

“For journalists and for people who own platforms, what I would say is you should be thinking about what your personal responsibility is, and do you want to be a source of misinformation and disinformation? That’s up to up to those individuals,” he said.

Jha was answering a question on Twitter allowing politicians and others who spread COVID vaccine misinformation back onto the platform under the leadership of new owner Elon Musk.


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