World Cup 2022: Match schedules and results


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The 2022 FIFA World Cup, which runs from 20 November to 18 December in Qatar, will determine who will succeed France as the world football champions. From the group stage to the final, here are the calendar and results of the tournament’s 64 matches. All matches are in Paris time (GMT +1).

Group stage 


Sunday, 20 November: The tournament begins

Qatar 0 – 2 Ecuador (group A): 5pm


Monday, 21 November

England 6 – 2 Iran (group B): 2pm

Senegal 0 – 2 Netherlands (group A): 5pm

USA 1 – 1 Wales (group B): 8pm


Tuesday, 22 November

Argentina 1 – 2 Saudi Arabia (group C): 11am

Denmark 0 – 0 Tunisia (group D): 2pm

Mexico 0 – 0 Poland (group C): 5pm

France – Australia (group D): 8pm


Wednesday, 23 November

Morocco – Croatia (group F): 11am

Germany – Japan (group E): 2pm

Spain – Costa Rica (group E): 5pm

Belgium – Canada (group F): 8pm


Thursday, 24 November

Switzerland – Cameroon (group G): 11am

Uruguay – South Korea (group H): 2pm

Portugal – Ghana (group H): 5pm

Brazil – Serbia (group G): 8pm


Friday, 25 November: Start of the second day

Wales – Iran (group B): 11am

Qatar – Senegal (group A): 2pm

Netherlands – Ecuador (group A): 5pm

England – USA (group B): 8pm


Saturday, 26 November

Tunisia – Australia (group D): 11am

Poland – Saudi Arabia (group C): 2pm

France – Denmark (group D): 5pm

Argentina – Mexico (group C): 8pm


Sunday, 27 November

Japan – Costa Rica (group E): 11am

Belgium – Morocco (group F): 2pm

Croatia – Canada (group F): 5pm

Spain – Germany (group E): 8pm


Monday, 28 November

Cameroon – Serbia (group G): 11am

South Korea – Ghana (group H): 2pm

Brazil – Switzerland (group G): 5pm

Portugal – Uruguay (group H): 8pm


Tuesday, 29 November: Start of the third day

Netherlands – Qatar (group A): 4pm

Ecuador – Senegal (group A): 4pm

Wales – England (group B): 8pm

Iran – USA (group B): 8pm


Wednesday, 30 November

Tunisia – France (group D): 4pm

Australia – Denmark (group D): 4pm

Poland – Argentina (group C): 8pm

Saudi Arabia – Mexico (group C): 8pm


Thursday, 1 December

Canada – Morocco (group F): 4pm

Croatia – Belgium (group F): 4pm

Japan – Spain (group E): 8pm

Costa Rica – Germany (group E): 8pm


Friday, 2 December

Ghana – Uruguay (group H): 4pm

South Korea – Portugal (group H): 4pm

Cameroon – Brazil (group G): 8pm

Serbia – Switzerland (group G): 8pm


Round of 16


Saturday, 3 December

Winners of group A – Runners-up group B: 4pm

Winners of group C – Runners-up group D: 8pm


Sunday, 4 December

Winners of group D – Runners-up group C: 4pm

Winners of group B – Runners-up group A: 8pm


Monday, 5 December

Winners of group E – Runners-up group F: 4pm

Winners of group G – Runners-up group H: 8pm


Tuesday 6 December

Winners of group F – Runners-up group E: 4pm

Winners of group H – Runners-up group G: 8pm




Friday, 9 December

Winners of Last-16 match 5 – Winners of Last-16 match 6: 4pm

Winners of Last-16 match 1 – Winners of Last-16 match 2: 8pm


Saturday, 10 December

Winners of Last-16 match 7 – Winners of Last-16 match 8: 4pm

Winners of Last-16 match 3 – Winners of Last-16 match 4: 8pm




Tuesday, 13 December

Winners of quarter-final 1 – Winners of quarter-final 2: 8pm


Wednesday, 14 December

Winners of quarter-final 3 – Winners of quarter-final 4: 8pm


Third-place final


Saturday 17 December

Loser of semi-final 1 – Loser of semi-final 2: 4pm




Sunday 18 December

Winners of semi-final 1 – Winners of semi-final 2: 4pm


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